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We are privileged to have clients who have supported us and our role as a training provider. Even in this unprecedented situation, we are working hard to continue to provide you with the services you expect.

| As updated on Friday, 16th September 2022 |

As we welcome the new normal, we at Cortex Training & Development hope that you and those around you are safe and in good health.

In line with recent updates to the country’s COVID-19 control measures, we are constantly reviewing government and industry guidelines, as well as customer demand, to ensure we provide the best possible COVID19 secure training experience.

As we play our part while the country navigates carefully through the new normal, the safety and comfort of our learners, as well as our staff, is our top priority. Further, we recognise that there are learners who prefer that we maintain some of the SOPs.

Below is more information on how you can join us for an in-person or face-to-face course.

What we are doing

We have put in place measures to ensure the safety of our learners and staff. These measures are kept under review as new information and guidelines become available. Please check this page for updates as your training day approaches.


  • Our staff are fully vaccinated and we have established policies that are consistent with those of the Ministry of Health (see here) and Prime Minister’s Office that impact higher education and training centres (see here).


  • Our tutors and staff undergo a COVID19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) within 24 hours before the start of the training and at least once a week during courses.


  • We ask anyone who is unwell with symptoms of COVID19 to inform our team as soon as possible.


  • We wipe and disinfect our high-contact surfaces (e.g. tables and door handles) at regular intervals every day.


  • Lunch will be packed in advance and participants will be assigned separate areas to eat. Light refreshments will be provided between sessions and participants are asked to follow standard hygiene practices. All food and drink will be prepared by our Food Safety qualified staff.


  • Hot drinks will be available as usual and disposable cups will be provided. However, you are welcome to bring your own drinks, cups, utensils etc. if you wish.

What we need from you

All learners wishing to attend a course with us must adhere to the following procedures and send a screenshot of their BruHealth status and ART results via WhatsApp to us at 732 9568 within 24 hours of the course start date, quoting their name and course details.


  • All learners must undergo a COVID19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) not more than 1 day before the start of the training, and at least once a week during training (where the training lasts more than a week i.e. NEBOSH IGC).

Timeline for sharing ART result

  • ART results should be sent in along with valid identification and proof of the time and date the ART was taken. An example can be found below:

ART Results with ID, and Date and Time taken

  • All visitors and learners must wear face masks or fluid-resistant face coverings that meet the required standards at all times while on site and throughout the course. The masks may only be removed when eating or drinking.


  • Only those displaying green or yellow codes on their BruHealth app will be allowed entry to the training premises. This will be verified by cross checking a valid ID.


  • Wash hands with soap and water often.


  • Sanitise your hands frequently. Hand sanitisers are available at our reception desk and in our classrooms.


  • If you cough or sneeze, use a tissue or into your bended elbow and wash or sanitize your hands immediately afterwards.

What to bring for your course

Mandatory items

  • Your mobile phone – this is needed for us to verify your BruHealth status.
  • An original (not copy) of a valid ID – this should be the same ID that you used to register for the course with us. If you have recently renewed your document (i.e. Brunei IC), please bring the collection receipt as proof of this.
  • For foreigners – ONLY passport is accepted as a verification document.
  • Face mask or suitable fluid-resistant face covering i.e. face shield.


Optional items

  • Your laptop
  • Your own stationery
  • Your own sanitiser
  • A bottle of water and snacks of your choice
  • A jacket

What happens if you feel sick during the course?

If you are at home:

  • Notify us via WhatsApp at 732 9568 or contact your tutor directly.
  • If you are a company candidate, notify your supervisor or booking focal point.
  • Seek further medical help if necessary.

If you are in class:

  • Inform your tutor immediately.

Please revisit this page for updates before your training day.


We thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.